We are nothing and we are everything.

We are in the business to change the old rules and bring forward unique business ideas, like yours. It is our mission to make the best out of your simple thoughts and transform it into a big picture. Market was never easy but we know how to make things run smoothly. The competitor is always brimming but we have our secret strategies.

Why bother having second thoughts? Let us tell you what magic we can create if we come to the rescue.

Why us ?

Services we offer to kickstart your dreams -

Company Registration and Formation

We make sure your ideas hit the market as a top notch business. Mushroom World Group helps you in the process of registering your business. Alongside, a team of professionals who can spot talent and help you in getting the best assets for your newly established organization.

Financial Support

While monetary support is not the only investment we make into the ideas, it possesses a major share. We are open to investing our funds in the best ideas that bear the potential for the future.

Strategic & Calculative Plans

Mushroom World Group is known for its out of the box strategies and as a newbie a strategy is all you need to start. We will assist you in creating marketing strategies, social media strategies and overall business set up plans with our block calculations, calculative risk & expansion plans.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Mushroom World Group believes in the power of partnerships which is why we are ready to work with you as business partners and grow as an entity. Your unique ideas and our experience can set new milestones in the field of business.


Over the years we have built dreams, nourished them and turned them into realities. Now is the time we are out in the market to take on the thoughts and dreams of someone like you and make it absolute.

  • 1 Pitch Your Idea

    Let us do the difficult work!

    We have been in the market game so we know the rules better. Just bring in your best idea and we will find the potential of its existence.

  • 2 Get Shortlisted

    We are looking for trendsetters!

    Not every cloud has a silver lining and not every idea can stand the hardships of the market. We will shortlist the best ideas that have the ability to grow and ace the market.

  • 3 Work With Us

    A creative team working through your dreams!

    The selected ideas will get all the assistance they need be it monetary or just a piece of advice. Mushroom world group's umbrella will be ready to develop the idea into a product and launch it into the market to screen its endurance in market graphs.

Do You have

An Idea ?
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